Time is running out

A month long of writing has been quite the adventure.

I didn’t meet my goal of posting for each day of November,

but I have to say it was definitely worth participating in NaBloPoMo.

It pushed me to write, and pushed me to find thing to say.

I don’t really consider myself a real writer

and I don’t have aspirations of publishing anything someday,

but I will say it was a fun way to push myself to write more often.

I hope moving forward, it was an exercise that will

inspire me to write on a more frequent basis.

Of course I had every intention of blogging every day

and on some days, I even posted twice.

But of course, life gets in the way of your goals sometimes,

so you just pick up where you left off, and go with it.

This marks the 20th post of mine for November.

That’s success in my book.




I had no idea that my last post marked number 100!

It’s been only a few years since I started blogging,

but I am pretty proud of myself that I’ve found enough to say to keep it active.

One of my 30 before 30 items

was to maintain this blog on a frequent basis,

and with this 101st post, I’d say that this item has definitely been completed!

I have no plans of writing a book anytime in the future,

but it’s definitely fun to document all the happenings in this life.

Here’s to more stories of how I ‘run my life.’


NaBloPoMo – Day 13

Every time I sit in front of this computer screen

and find myself with no words to write,

I always think of my students.

I try to pump them up about writing,

preaching, There’s always things to write about!”

Sounds like I need to take some of my own advice once in awhile.

I’m learning my lesson the hard way,

trying to participate daily in NaBloPoMo.

It’s a much harder task than I imagined.

I completely forgot to write yesterday,

and a few days ago I missed two posts because

my internet connection wasn’t working.

It’s feels almost like the routine of going to the gym,

if you miss a day, you’re all out of sync.

Well, I’m out of sync,

and sitting here feeling like I have nothing to write.

I do have to say though, I am learning a lot

about what it’s like to be a real writer.

Sometimes the words just don’t come,

but you have to push through.

Just like during my long runs, when I just feel like walking,

I have to push through.

Warriors don’t quit.

Funny how my running mantras can apply to lots of other things.

Well, here’s me, not quitting.

Even if today all I am writing about is writer’s block.

Calvin obviously knows what I mean!

Grammar + Art = Fun!

Grammar can be boring.

For me, I always loved it!

Diagramming sentences, explaining parts of speech,

I loved it all!

However, sometimes you need to bring in the Joy Factor

when it comes to dry grammar lessons.

For example, this week I taught my kiddos how to

correctly punctuate a line of dialouge.

Discussing where quotation marks and commas belong

in dialogue can be pre-tty boring!

Here’s how I made it come to life:

I read Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus,

which is basically dialogue throughout.

Students love it!  And not to mention, it’s a great series!

We then examined a quotation from the book,

written correctly with quotation marks and a comma.

Students were then each given their own quote from the book

but written without any punctuation.

They rewrote it, demonstrating appropriate punctuation.

We also had a great discussion about words that can replace said,

like yelled, replied, answered, and more.

I encouraged the students to find a new word for said to add to their quotation.

Finally, I surprised them with a guided drawing of Mr. Pigeon himself!

Art brings wonders to the classroom!  I’m telling you!

Who knew quotation marks could be so much fun?

Here makes a great plug for a project I’ve posted on Donor’s Choose.

I’m hoping to add more art activities like this one to my classroom,

especially when I teach science.

If you’re feeling a little generous, check out my project.

Save the Arts in our classroom!

Thankfulness Thursdays

Back for week 3 of Thankfulness Thursdays

thanks to the Domestic Fashionista.

This week was the start to one of my favorite parts of Fall:

NBA Basketball.

Though I have been posting an awful lot

about my love for the San Francisco Giants

my heart will always belong to the Sacramento Kings first.

Basketball season means time spent beside my family

cheering, laughing, and stat trading

in front of a game I love to watch.

It means a little less sleep a few nights a week

because you better believe I don’t miss a game without an incredible excuse.

There’s nothing I love more than blaming my exhaustion

on staying up past my bedtime just so I could see the end of the game.

I won’t lie… Basketball season is the reason

I recently upgraded my cable service just so I wouldn’t miss a game.

Last year I even kept the Kings schedule in my car,

so that if I was in the car during game time,

at least I could listen to the play call on the radio.

A little extreme…I know.

But this is coming from the girl

who called her Daddy at 7am the day of the “last” Kings game

crying because I had tickets to the game and he didn’t.

I was feeling guilty.  How could I not watch this last game with him?

(Luckily, that wasn’t the last game.)

Sounds a little silly, but really, it’s the reason I’m thankful today.

Because to me, this game stands for family time.

Whether it be on the couch in front of the television for TNT Thursdays,

or sitting in our season ticket seats at Sleep Train Arena,

I am so very thankful for basketball season!

NaBloPoMo 2012

Today I make a commitment to my blog.

About a month ago, a writer friend of mine (who is also a teacher)

began to twist my arm to join her in a month of writing.

She is participating in Nanowrimo for the second time

and promised me it’d be good for my writing.

I never really see myself writing a novel,

but I liked this idea of committing to writing

every single day for a whole month.

As I started to think about what to write about,

I started to feel overwhelmed. Stressed.  Stumped even.

I’ll never make it if I can’t even make up my mind!

I threw the idea on the back burner,

and decided to postpone it to next November.

A year is enough time to think of something good, right?

But then, of course, today I logged onto WordPress

to catch up on some of my favorite blogs

and of course, on the reader is this blog about


Basically a bloggers version of Nanowrimo.

I guess you could say it was a sign.

My arm has been twisted.

The white flag is up.

There’s no turning back now.

So thanks to my friends consistent nudging,

here goes nothing.

NaBloPoMo, bring it on!

cursive is not dead

Do you remember learning cursive writing as a child?

My third grade teacher would always turn on classical music

as she taught us proper form as we learned each stroke of each letter.

I remember feeling very grown up,

like I was finally in on how adults wrote in this fancy, sophisticated writing.

Yet, as the years went by, my printing always survived

and my cursive was saved for signing my name on checks

or writing thank you notes for gifts.

It’s sad to say that cursive is a dying art.

Do you know many people who only write in cursive?

I don’t.

But lately I’ve been wondering if I should push myself to use it more.

Which leads me to say that cursive isn’t quite dead yet.

I’m teaching it in my classroom

hoping to give my students that same experience I had

and praying that they’ll love it and continue to use it through their adult lives.

One of my students wrote me a letter using cursive. Perhaps cursive will live on again!

Another student with beautiful cursive. Who knew boys could write so beautifully?

The truth of the matter is

perhaps cursive is a dying art because there is no time

in the teaching day for cursive writing.

We are slammed with math and reading

and science here and there

that for a lot of teachers, cursive gets lost in the shuffle.

What would the world be like without cursive, I wonder?

Would it be normal for people to never learn

to craft their very own signature?


There is a student in particular that inspired this post.

She surprised me with the sweetest card on my birthday.

Which was written in her best cursive.

And it made me smile.

Because maybe, just maybe,

cursive is not dead.