Go Kings!

My heart is swelling with pride.

I’m glued to local television coverage of the Sacramento Kings

Long Live the Kings Rally.

As a Kings fan, we’ve been in turmoil and a haze of wonder for the past few years.

Would our team stay?  Or would they go?

And finally, I can finally sit here with immense pride

not only for my beloved team, but for my city.

photo-22I have so many amazing memories of this team.

Above is just a small picture of the years I’ve spent cheering for this time

beside my family, and now, my husband to be.

I’ve been attending games for as long as I can remember.

My brother and I made friends with the long time usher in our section,

and we even have developed our own pre and post game rituals.

And if Dad comes with, there’s always the after game jog to the car,

just so we can hear Gary Gerould’s final commentary following the game.

The Kings came to Sacramento in 1984, the year I was born.

And my life has been filled with Sacramento Kings memories since then.

My high school graduation party guests sat glued to the television

as the Kings (sadly) lost to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Another season, my brother and I found ourselves on the Jumbo-tron

with a giant poster for Beno Udrich – “Beno es Bueno.”

And one of my favorite memories was my first date with

the soon-to-be Mr.

See!  I even saved our tickets from that night.


Then there are the memories of sitting in the arena

during the two “Final Games” in 2011 and 2013,

where we didn’t know if this would be the final time

we’d watch Sacramento Kings basketball.

Both were two, very different nights with different emotions, but both held uncertainty.

But the end is here!  The Kings are here to stay!

So, long live the Kings!

For this is only the beginning of more memories to come.

I can’t wait for the day that Chris and I get to take our kids

to a Sacramento Kings game.

Though as a city, we’ve been through a rollercoaster of emotions,

the best are ahead.

Never been prouder to be a Kings fan!

Go Kings!


Long Live the Kings

I think I have said this before,

but I’m a fan of the underdog.

There is just something about the fight

that lies within the one whom everyone counts out.

Tonight I sat and watched the entire

State of the City address by Kevin Johnson.

I’m a Sacramento native yet I never am one to get behind politics.

But tonight, I was glued to my television.

For the fate of my favorite sports team,

the Sacramento Kings,

is in limbo, and Kevin Johnson is our city’s Superman

when it comes to this issue.

Listening to his words, to his plan,

brought me moments of “Whoop-whoop!” cheers

and I am not shy to admit, at one point,

a few held back tears.

And for a moment I thought,

Is this how people who are gaga over politics feel when they

hear Obama speak?

Because I felt it.  I was sucked in.  I was moved and inspired.

For me, the Kings are more than just a team.

They are memories and cherished moments I get to spend with my family.

And I sincerely hope that after this fight,

the underdog known as Sacramento


The Kings have been in Sacramento since 1985,

a year after I was born.

And though I probably attended my first game around age 5,

I’ve been a fan, thick and think, for 23 years.

I can remember sitting in those red plastic seats,

my feet unable to even touch the ground.

Back then, I probably was more interested in the cotton candy and sweets,

but year by year, my interest and love for this game grew.

Not only did I get to share some memorable moments with my dear old Dad,

but I learned the ins and outs of the game.

I’d plop my cereal bowl in front of the sports page in the morning,

memorizing stats to share with the boys at school so I’d look cool.

For a girl who knew her sports stats was way cooler

than the girl who spent hours practicing piano or ballet.

My favorite players may changed from season to season,

Walt Williams, Spud Webb, Tyus Edney, Doug Christie,

but my love for the team only grew and grew.

To think this team could leave my beloved town of Sacramento

it honestly brings a shortness of breath.

Last April, the day of the “Last Game”

I sat in the parking lot before walking in to work to call my Daddy.

I cried because I’d be sharing that evening’s game with my boyfriend

rather than sharing “one last” game with him.

Little did I know, there’d be a little hope around the corner.

The Kings stayed for one more season.

Which brings us to tonight’s State of the City.

Kevin Johnson is the Superman this city needed.

The Maloofs may be his Lux Luther

but I believe he’s going to make this thing happen one way or another.

I want to be able to share more games with my dad

and someday bring my kids to a Kings game.

We may be the underdogs.

People across the country may have counted us out.

But underdogs, they just don’t give up.

And Sacramento just won’t quit.

Not without a good fight.

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Thankfulness Thursdays – On the Radio

Back again for Thankfulness Thursdays,

inspired by the Domestic Fashionista.

I’ve enjoyed the time each week reflecting on at least one thing

that I am thankful for or that brings me happiness.

And today I am thankful for music.

I am an undercover country music lover.

Two of my go-to radio presets are country music stations.

Which is strange to me,

because I’ve been more of an alternative music listener for most of my life.

But I have to admit, all these political radio ads

forced me to turn the dial more frequently in the last few weeks.

And surprisingly, I think I’ve found a new favorite.

It’s a newer station in Sacramento, 94.7

but it reminds me of a station I used to love years ago.

About three years ago, there was a radio station in Sacramento

known as KWOD 106.5.

In my opinion, this was one of the greatest stations in the city.

Listening to this station created a happy place for me.

I honestly don’t think I appreciated music the way I do today

before I found KWOD.

In fact, I have fond memories of nodding my head to the music on KWOD,

half asleep on a yellow bus to and from my high school.

Not to mention those of my best friend, Jana, and I claiming

that if we heard a Beastie Boys song on the way to school,

it was sure to be a good day.

But if we heard Sublime’s “Bad Fish”

the day was not looking up.

(Why we decided on these rules, I’ll never know.)

KWOD’s DJ’s were always the coolest.

And I’m not lying when I say there was one in particular

that whenever he spoke, I felt like he was speaking to me personally,

like he could read my mind and understood me.

They’d play the best stretches of music,

where after each one ended and another began,

I’d find myself saying to myself “Ahhhh! I love this one too!”

KWOD also held a special place in my heart

because when I was a senior in high school

I got to host my own radio show as a guest DJ one evening.

I remember feeling so cool bringing my CD wallet,

covered in post-its of the order I wanted to play certain songs.

Ahhhh, those were the days of good radio.

It’s funny.  As I was driving to work this morning,

I heard “Sabotage” on 94.7,

and out of habit, I thought to myself

Beastie Boys! Today’s going to be a good day.

Perhaps the “good radio” is back in Sac.

For now, anyway.