Friday Joy

 This day began with a horribly bad mood.

A grumpy cloud loomed over me,

just as Eeyore’s.

Annoyed in more ways than one,

today began as a terrible day.

I even have to admit, I had two mini freak-outs

before the children even arrived this morning.

But let’s not dwell on that…

Let’s talk about the numerous ways this day was made well again!

Ahhhh Friday…

You bring joy to my heart on a weekly basis.

But today, you brought joy especially!

Here’s how:

1. Hilarious jokes on the talk radio show

I religiously listen to on the way home –

The Grant Napear Show

2. The swatches of the bridesmaid dresses

I want to order came in the mail, except two were missing…

but the joy came when I found the $25 dollar off coupon

they included for the inconvenience.

That’s a way to make a girl smile!

3. Lastly, a date night with my sweetheart that couldn’t have been more perfect.

Beer and Basketball at a local bar

to watch our team, Duke, play in the March Madness Sweet 16.

Not to mention,

we luckily seated ourselves just a few tables away

from a former Duke point guard, Chris Duhon,

who currently plays for the Los Angeles Lakers

and is in town for the Kings vs. Lakers game tomorrow night.

We cheered with him and Robert Sacre

(including a few fist bumps!) as Duke played to their victory.

So, Friday, I thank you for bringing me a change of heart.

Today wasn’t so bad after all.

Cheers to the weekend, readers!