The end of an era

photo-31So, great news!

Chris and I are officially homeowners!!

The process was actually quick and painless.

We looked online, chose a list of houses,

and our relator took us through them.

House number 6 out of 7 was the one

so we put in an offer – and – long story short,

it’s ours!!

Of course, yesterday when we got the keys

I was out the door loading boxes into my little Honda.

But after the last load for the night was packed,

I looked around my apartment

and was met with unsuspecting tears falling from my face.

It’s the end of an era.

This apartment was a symbol of my independence.

And though I am ecstatic to start my newest journey and adventure,

it is a little hard to say goodbye.

5 years ago when I moved in to my first and only apartment without roommates,

I had no idea what adventures would come my way.

This apartment has seen me through the ups and downs of starting a career.

I subbed in every nearing district, praying for a job, but soon,

the downturn of the economy and lack of teaching jobs led to a stint of unemployment.

But this apartment also was the scene of the phone call

with news I’d been hired for my first teaching job.

This place was my safe haven during a crazy breakup,

a place to party during my single party girl phase,

and the place Chris picked me up for our first date.

I feel like so much has happened here.

I feel like I’ve grown up into the person I want to be in this place.

They say, “When one door closes, another one opens.”

Well, the door to my single girl life is closing,

and the door to an exciting future as Mrs. DiPlacito is opening.

When I look at it that way, it makes it hard to be sad.

The era of my Q street apartment ends here,

but may the memories never fade.


Sewing Adventures


This break has been a little on the boring side.

Granted, I am mighty thankful for the week off from school

but my school break are usually filled with all kinds of plans.

This one, for some reason, has fallen a little short.

Today I forced myself to make things a little more exciting

by taking a trip to the fabric store and sewing at Abuela’s.

I figured a little sewing inspiration might do the trick

of bringing this break a little sparkle of fun.

                   Kwik Sew Pattern 3513

I seriously have had this style of skirt in mind for weeks now

but I’ve left the fabric store empty handed a few times now.

Whether it be that I couldn’t find a pattern idea

or a knit fabric that I liked,

I wasn’t having too much success with this vision.

Today must have been my lucky day though,

because I found both my dream pattern and a cute fabric to go with.

Another sewing project all by myself goes in the books.

Abuela will be proud.

(She’s been out of town for a month now,

luckily I have the keys to the house just to use the sewing machine!)

Sorry I’m not including directions today,

but here’s a little slideshow of my sewing adventure.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sewing some Independence

My abuela is an amazing seamstress.

Most projects, she doesn’t even need a pattern.

Only a vision in her head.

She forced me into sewing lessons at the local fabric store as a preteen.

At the time, I can’t say I was too thankful or impressed.

After all, most young girls spend their evenings watching the latest hip TV show

or go to swim practice or dance lessons.

Not me.

I can still hear the hum of the sewing machines in the back corner of the store.

I can vividly recall the Troll fabric I chose for a pair of culottes.

(Oh boy, can you tell I am a child from the early 90s?)

I was capable, but I was never too impressed with any of my final products.

Nor was I thankful for this treat to know the tricks of sewing.

Years later, my gratitude shines.

Abuela and I have become regulars at our local JoAnne’s Fabrics.

She loves to boast and brag to the ladies

at the fabric counter about our latest idea for a project.

“I’m teaching her how to sew!  Isn’t that wonderful!”

She says to them practically every time.

(This is not a joke, nor an exaggeration.)

Though sometimes I blush in embarrassment,

I am proud to say that I am learning to sew my own clothes.

If you recall from my 30 before 30 list

one of my dreams was to sew something

on my own or with minor help from my Abuela.

There is one downfall sewing with Abuela.

Sometimes she ends up sewing the whole project on her own,

after-the-fact realizing she forgot to teach me.

Well, a few weeks ago she went on a 3 week long trip to Miami,

left me the key to her house and gave me a challenge:

Sew something without her while she was gone.

I have to admit, this was not a  quick and dirty endeavor.

Choosing the perfect pattern and fabric took one hour alone!

But after a morning of sewing, seam ripping, and sewing some more,

I had sewed my very own skirt!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am also proud to share that I successfully altered

the pattern a little bit, by changing the belt waist!

Though I am also here to admit

that I lost my patience when it came time for the hem,

so I left it for Abuela to finish when she returned from her trip.

However, there was no greater satisfaction

than hearing her on the phone the day she came back.

“Gina, when I saw that skirt I was screaming!

 I couldn’t believe you did that all by yourself!”

Independence in Abuela’s eyes.  Finally.

The whole idea behind putting this on the list

was to prove to her (and to myself) that I can actually sew.

Well, here’s proof!

And another 30 before 30 item to check off the list!

May this inspire me to complete a few more before

I turn 28 in a few weeks.