Teaching warms the heart

At the beginning of the school year,

I was busy reminiscing about my old students,

missing their jokes, their love for reading, and even sometimes, their defiance.

My class this year is so different.  Much different.

Going from almost sixth graders to used to be third graders

has definitely been a strange adjustment.

My students felt so little, like babies even,

and it was hard to bond with them and see them as my students.

I’m not sure if has a little bit to do with the tragic events at Sandy Hook Elementary

but this week I’ve definitely felt a little closer to my students this week.

Whatever the reason, today I started to find myself falling in love

with my little rascals (as I loving refer to them as.) even more than I ever have.

Every Wednesday we have something called Community Lunchbox.

It’s a reward students can earn when they play Homeworkopoly,

an amazing game that students get to play if they’ve completed their homework all week.

Students are allowed to bring a “Plus 1”

and they get to come eat lunch with the teachers.

The kids LOVE it!

Most Wednesdays, the students all sit together,

not really paying any attention to their teachers at all.

But today, five girls raced to my back table,

“We want to sit with you, Ms. Friedrich!”

Surprised and half bummed I’d miss out on the “teacher talk” my co-teachers would be

sharing as I sat with these girls, I took a seat and began to eat my lunch with them.

I figured they’d talk amongst themselves and I’d just listen,

but instead we shared laughs, gabbed about our favorite foods,

and one even confided a story about why she got grounded for a whole month.

My favorite was when one girl tried lobbying

 for another girl in the class to be student of the week.

“She’s been raising her hand a lot in class and has been working really hard.

I really think you need to pick her,” she said, dead serious.

The two aren’t close friends, so I knew she was genuine.

It seriously was such a pleasant lunch,

my heart was a little bummed when it was time for it to end.