Happiness is

For some reason those license plate frames that read ‘Happiness is (fill in the blank)’ have always erked me for some reason. But last night, I seriously had a moment where I thought to myself, Now this is happiness.

I was driving to get frozen yogurt at a shop I used to visit often before the yogurt craze began. As a kid, it was a family ritual to grab yogurt on hot summer evenings, or even on brisk winter nights. My mom was even a pro at memorizing the daily yogurt flavors, without even needing to call to confirm. Our new house is conveniently in the very neighborhood of this shop. Closer than my parents house even.

But as I made the familiar drive, I realized our new house is in a neighborhood of my fondest childhood memories. Happy, happy memories that I am overwhelmingly thrilled to relive again! The yogurt shop. The grocery store we once shopped in regularly. The park that leads to the river. The local pizza place my childhood best friend introduced to me. The list continues. I feel like I’m breathing in all these old memories and it brings me such joy. Especially because now new memories will be made here in this very place.

The new house we live in brings me such pure joy. My main wish list item was a big backyard because my childhood home had the best backyard. As I gaze from my kitchen table, I see such possibilities if the memories that are to come. Chris and I continue to add to the already large list of ideas to make this backyard amazing. I’m dying to just lounge under an umbrella and daydream about our future in that backyard.

So though those license plate frames may cause me to roll my eyes from time to time, I guess I can finally say I get it. I have found that happiness.



music fills the soul

I recently posted how I tend to run and hide when negativity surrounds me.

The quickest cure I can find when this happens

is to blare some music that will turn my mood up.

The kind of music that makes you want to drive your car a little faster,

or have a little by-yourself dance party.

Kinda like Christina and Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy.

Yesterday I was driving listening to a different radio station

than I usually choose.

But I was in the mood for some change, some inspiration.

I landed upon this little gem:

Safe and Sound by  Capital Cities

Ahhhhhh, this song made my soul feel great!

And the lyrics are perfect for what I needed at that moment.

You can find their song on iTunes or on their website,

but be prepared for a little spring in your step.