The end of an era

photo-31So, great news!

Chris and I are officially homeowners!!

The process was actually quick and painless.

We looked online, chose a list of houses,

and our relator took us through them.

House number 6 out of 7 was the one

so we put in an offer – and – long story short,

it’s ours!!

Of course, yesterday when we got the keys

I was out the door loading boxes into my little Honda.

But after the last load for the night was packed,

I looked around my apartment

and was met with unsuspecting tears falling from my face.

It’s the end of an era.

This apartment was a symbol of my independence.

And though I am ecstatic to start my newest journey and adventure,

it is a little hard to say goodbye.

5 years ago when I moved in to my first and only apartment without roommates,

I had no idea what adventures would come my way.

This apartment has seen me through the ups and downs of starting a career.

I subbed in every nearing district, praying for a job, but soon,

the downturn of the economy and lack of teaching jobs led to a stint of unemployment.

But this apartment also was the scene of the phone call

with news I’d been hired for my first teaching job.

This place was my safe haven during a crazy breakup,

a place to party during my single party girl phase,

and the place Chris picked me up for our first date.

I feel like so much has happened here.

I feel like I’ve grown up into the person I want to be in this place.

They say, “When one door closes, another one opens.”

Well, the door to my single girl life is closing,

and the door to an exciting future as Mrs. DiPlacito is opening.

When I look at it that way, it makes it hard to be sad.

The era of my Q street apartment ends here,

but may the memories never fade.


30 before 30… update

My birthday is about two and a half weeks away.
Which made me realize that I’m going to be 28.
I seriously feel like a 21 year old in this body.
When I was younger, I wasn’t ever one of those kids who dreamed
for the day that I could be “grown up.”
I’ve frankly been having too much fun as a kid.
And I still feel like one, but I guess I am one no longer.
But then again, I guess I’m a kid as long as I say I am.
And I guess I’ll decide to be “grown up” when I’m 30.
So you’ve seen my list before,
but now I’ve decided it’s really time to get down to business.
My new thought is that I’m going to try to pick one thing a month,
and if I can’t cross anything off, at least I can make plans of how I’m going to do it.
Here’s an update on my progress.
The ones I’ve done already are in bold.
30 Things Before I’m 30
1.     Run a full marathon – I have plans to do the California International Marathon as my first marathon.  Was supposed to be this year,  but that didn’t work out due to injury.  Boo face.  But, warriors don’t quit.  So a little injury is not going to get in my way.
2.     Run in a destination race (Races I have in mind are: a Rock and Roll series race, Bloomsday Race in Washington, etc.) – Did it! Ran the Diva Half Marathon in May of 2012 with my friend Jen in San Francisco.  The goal here was just to do a race not in Sacramento.  I’m sure to add more destination races before I’m 30, but technically, this item is done!
3.     Attend an NBA game in an arena other than Arco (Power Balance Pavilion)
4.     Bet on March Madness in Tahoe/Reno/Vegas
5.     Learn to make my Abuela’s ‘Arroz Con Pollo’ by myself
6.     Coach a youth soccer team
7.     Take a picture of our Old Fair Oaks brick and frame it
8.     Hike Half Dome
9.     Build and Grow a garden in my backyard
10.Go beach camping
11.Go to the Garlic Festival in Gilroy
12.Maintain my “Running My Life” blog – So far, so good!  I would say that I’ve maintained my blog pretty well since starting it in 2011.  The goal is to at least post once a week about running, teaching, or fun adventures.
13.Sew something I can wear (without Abuela’s help, or too much of it J ) – This one is also done!  I sewed a cute circle skirt a few weeks back.  My abuela went to Miami and gave me a mission: Sew something without her!  And I did! Boo yah!
14.Ride in a limo for a special occasion
15.Take a picture with all of my cousins in one photo
16.Decorate my house/apartment for Halloween
17.Visit the NBA hall of fame
18.Host a dinner party
19.Spend a month committing random acts of kindness
20.Plan a girl’s weekend
21.Get married
22. Go to Hawaii
23.Meet someone famous
24.Attend a boot camp or personal training session
25.Make an ice cream cake
26.Visit the corn maze in Woodland
27.Bake bread from scratch
28.Go on a road trip down Highway 101 – Did it!  This summer I went on a crazy road trip from Sacramento, to Olympia, WA to Portland, OR, and we concluded our trip with a drive on the Oregon coast on Highway 101!  It was beautiful!  Originally I had in mind to drive down the coast in California, but that trip still counts!  We were driving “down” the coast back to California.
29.Learn to play Craps
30.Volunteer to help with a race (host one, aid station, etc.)

 4 out of 30…not amazing, but at least some things are crossed off!

Hmmm…which one will be the next one I do???

Stay tuned!