NaBloPoMo 2012

Today I make a commitment to my blog.

About a month ago, a writer friend of mine (who is also a teacher)

began to twist my arm to join her in a month of writing.

She is participating in Nanowrimo for the second time

and promised me it’d be good for my writing.

I never really see myself writing a novel,

but I liked this idea of committing to writing

every single day for a whole month.

As I started to think about what to write about,

I started to feel overwhelmed. Stressed.  Stumped even.

I’ll never make it if I can’t even make up my mind!

I threw the idea on the back burner,

and decided to postpone it to next November.

A year is enough time to think of something good, right?

But then, of course, today I logged onto WordPress

to catch up on some of my favorite blogs

and of course, on the reader is this blog about


Basically a bloggers version of Nanowrimo.

I guess you could say it was a sign.

My arm has been twisted.

The white flag is up.

There’s no turning back now.

So thanks to my friends consistent nudging,

here goes nothing.

NaBloPoMo, bring it on!



Birthdays make me feel free.

They’re a fresh start.

Whenever my birthday comes along,

I always get excited to start anew and make big things happen.

My motivation may not last all year long,

but it’s a great feeling.

I hope I never feel “too old” to celebrate my birthday.

I love spending time with my favorite people,

doing my favorite things, and feeling optimistic about the newest year to come.

Cookies and birthday hats covered our teacher’s lounge table courtesy of my parents. Pretty sweet in my book! (No pun intended!)

28 greeted me with surprises,

including my parents coming to my classroom unannounced

and decorating the teachers lounge too.

Later, my coworkers brought me coffee and a Fleet Feet gift card,

which means I get to treat myself to some new running stuff!

And then my sweet, sweet Abuela cooked my favorite Cuban dish

as I celebrated my birthday with my family that night.

A pretty good day!

And to top it all off, last night I celebrated my birthday with my friends.

They joined me for some Ah-mazing italian food

at one of my favorite midtown establishments.

(Mmmmmm. I’m pretty much still dreaming about the pasta I got.)

Then we headed over to a nearby club to watch Tainted Love,

an 80’s cover band who is pretty darn awesome!

There’s nothing I love more, than singing at the top of my lungs

and dancing my heart out

to Journey, Blondie, Madonna, and more!

Pretty much, the night was a blast.

Like I said, I just like to spend my birthday doing my favorite things

with my favorite people.

And according to all the fun I’ve had in the past week,

this birthday goes in the books as awesome.

My favorite place to eat in Midtown Sacramento!

Tainted Love – Amazing!

Enjoying the show!