Warmin’ Up!

Spring has sprung,

which makes for awesome running weather.

Today it was accompanied by a little wind,

but it was a great day for a run.

And as I ease myself into a training program

I was face to face with another lesson I’ve learned

along this injury battle.

Spend time warming up.

Today I forced myself to walk for at least 5 minutes,

stretch, and then walk 2 more before I started my run.

I can’t say that I can tell any difference

but I’ve been reading that its important to warm up before exercise.

My old “warm-up” routine consisted of putting my key in my pocket,

setting my watch, and walking for about 20 seconds to the path.

Then Boom!  Off I went.

So, though today may not be the day it feels any different,

I’m starting a new habit in hopes that someday it will.

I’m warmin’ up.  Are you?

What does your warm-up routine look like?


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