My Quest for a Comeback

Waiting for my return to running has been a long one.

I’ve longingly looked at my running shoes for months now,

just dying for an early morning run next to the river.

And I’m still waiting for that run.


the comeback has begun!

I stopped running sometime around August

but I’m happy to report that last week I started running again!

It’s going to be a slow return,

which frankly is not fun and is hard to stick to,

but I’m back!

I plan to start journaling my return

with lessons I’ve learned, new things I’m trying,

along with the short term goals I’m setting for myself.

After all, this blog was started to write about my running adventures.

Lesson 1: Run your own race.

Words of wisdom from my father come in handy every so often.

Last week I returned to my favorite park for my first workout.

A coach from my old running group suggested I start small:

1:1 minute intervals of running and walking for no more than 3 miles.

I started real small – only 20 minutes.

The run felt good!  It made me feel free!

After the first minute, I was thinking, “Man, that was fast!”

And a few more later I was taking it all in

and thrilled that this run felt easy.

I felt like I could run faster, and longer.

There were runners surrounding me and I wanted nothing more

than to join them, or better yet, pass them.

But I didn’t.  I ran my own race.

I have to admit, there were a few times I wanted to ignore

the beeps of my Garmin telling me it was time to walk.

Embarrassed for walking.

But then I remembered those days I sulked on the couch because I couldn’t run

or had to stop a workout after 10 minutes.

I couldn’t bear the thought of starting right back at square one.

So I gave in to those beeps, walked,

and worried about running my own race.

In an effort to tune out my sheepish feelings for walking,

 I started to practice some of the form tips I’ve been reading about:

-Run with your feet right under you.  Don’t overstride and pay attention to cadence.

-Keep good posture.  Raise your arms above your head every so often.

-Keep your eyes up ahead of you.  Looking at the ground ruins your good form.

So far…so good.

May the adventures continue, and may the lessons become habits

for better health and better runs!

Gosh it feels good to be back!


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