Coming Soon!


Tonight is the night before the first day of our state testing.

Which means…

Summer is quickly approaching!

Which also means…

that my Summer Bucket List Edition 2 is right around the corner.

Stay tuned!

In the meantime, I’ll be dreaming of the sounds of the ocean

and all the other fun things I hope to see and do this summer.


All I wanna do..

Lately my motivation for the day

is that I have an afternoon run waiting for me.

Most people would read this and think

that maybe I’m stressed out or that life has been a little hard lately.

But it’s really not that.

It’s more that I’ve missed running so much, and I’m finally able to run again,

that it’s really all I want to do.

And when I’m not running, its on my mind most of the time.

I feel like a seventh grade girl who can’t stop thinking about her crush.

When I wake up in the morning and realize it’s a running day

there is an instant buzz inside me.  An anticipation.

Though it’s frustrating knowing the run distance is minuscule

compared to my runs of the past,

I’m just happy to be out there.

I thrive on the feeling I get when a workout is complete

and I wholeheartedly believe in the “Runners High.”

There’s nothing like it.

Running clears my head, brings positivity in my heart

and makes me feel like a champ.

There’s nothing I’d rather do.

My next scheduled running day won’t be for a few days.

After all, I am trying my best to ‘take it easy.’

(Easier said than done.)

But maybe this slow and steady start

has allowed me to appreciate my sport, and cherish it, that much more.

A Runners take on Boston


 Running for me is about the challenge.

It’s about those moments when I overcome the thoughts of “I can’t”

and replacing them with, “Yes, I can!”

That surge of energy when the finish line is near

when I can see it, and I push myself to get there.  Faster.

As I was camping this weekend,

I read all about the Boston Marathon in the May edition of Runners World.

It was really the first time I ever read about the race and thought,

Man, wouldn’t that be kick ass if I could somehow qualify for that?

The thought never even crossed my mind.

Hell, I’m just trying to get strong enough to finish my first marathon.

But yesterday, when I read those horrible news stories about

the tragedy in Boston, my heart dropped.

It’s hard for me to imagine

training for months and months to even qualify to run the Boston Marathon

then train even harder to be sure I crossed the finish line with pride in Boston,

THEN have it all ruined by a horrible, horrible ending

or not even an ending at all.

It leaves a pit in my stomach.

People are cruel.

And sometimes they ruin the fun for everyone.

Let this not ruin the camaraderie that races bring.

The “We can do this!” attitude

and the idea that we all look out for each other on the course.

Races are supposed to bring people together.

Let’s stick together and not let that fade.

Whoever did this should not take all of that away from us.

The next time I cross a finish line, I’ll be thinking of those runners.

The ones that crossed the finish line,

and sadly, the ones that didn’t.

Those that ran the race, and then had the strength to be a hero and give blood.

I will run for them.

Talk about something to push me across that finish line faster.

Let it not be the Last

 April 13th, 2011

is a day I remember pretty vividly,

yet the parts of the day that stick out most

are the early morning and the late evening.

It was the “Last Game” that the Sacramento Kings

were supposedly going to play in Arco Arena


My day began listening to old Kings memories on the radio

as my old favorite morning show (that is no longer)

reminisced the days of old, the Good Times with the Kings.

Tearfully as I entered the parking lot to work,

I just had to call Dad.

My boyfriend and I had tickets to the game

and so did my brother and his girlfriend.

But Dad’s plan was to sit at home and watch the game.

It just didn’t feel right.

I couldn’t imagine that the team he’d taught me to love

would be playing without him in the seats watching.

Flash forward –

That night, I took in every moment.

Would this really be the last time I’d cheer my heart out for this team?

I sat in the upper deck, with a perfect view of our season ticket seats.

As the warmups began, I couldn’t help but replay memories

of my childhood memories in that place.

The game turned out to be a nail-biter, with the Kings losing in the final minutes

to our eternal rival, the Lakers.

But it was a good one.

And when it was all over, I had a hard time leaving.

How could I get up and leave?  Leave these memories behind?

Two years later,

and the story isn’t much different.

Tomorrow is the season finale for the Sacramento Kings.

Yes, they’re still here.  But our future is still unknown.

We’re still waiting for an answer.  For clarity.

Still waiting, for the confirmation that our team is here to stay.

The newspapers around here report a different story every day.

We really have no idea.  There are still so many questions that go unanswered.

Yet tomorrow I know there won’t be tears,

because this time I go to the game with hope.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m a fan of the underdog

and I’m pulling for the underdog in this case.

I’m hoping that the nation and the NBA will finally wake up

and see what an amazing franchise the Sacramento Kings really is

and that they will let the team stay where it belongs.

But the most important thing, is that if it really is the “Last Game”

everything will be okay,

because Dad will be in the stands with me

watching our team to the very end.

Go Kings!

Warmin’ Up!

Spring has sprung,

which makes for awesome running weather.

Today it was accompanied by a little wind,

but it was a great day for a run.

And as I ease myself into a training program

I was face to face with another lesson I’ve learned

along this injury battle.

Spend time warming up.

Today I forced myself to walk for at least 5 minutes,

stretch, and then walk 2 more before I started my run.

I can’t say that I can tell any difference

but I’ve been reading that its important to warm up before exercise.

My old “warm-up” routine consisted of putting my key in my pocket,

setting my watch, and walking for about 20 seconds to the path.

Then Boom!  Off I went.

So, though today may not be the day it feels any different,

I’m starting a new habit in hopes that someday it will.

I’m warmin’ up.  Are you?

What does your warm-up routine look like?

I’m a Finish Line Kinda Girl

Maybe the reason I pride myself on being a runner

is because I live for the finish line.

There’s nothing like the feeling of a crapton of hard work

paying off at the finish line of a race.

That feeling of ahhhhhhhh it’s finally here!

A blessed reward that is greatly deserved.

It makes it all worth it.

Like I said, I’m a finish line kinda girl.

I need something to look forward to,

something to dream about when life gets a little nuts.

For example,

this girl is trying to plan a wedding,

prep her kiddos for the state test that is quickly approaching,

keep the apartment clean, buy groceries, eat healthy,

try to ease back into a workout routine,

yada yada yada.

The list goes on!

Needless to say, my head has been full.

Almost on overload.

And it’s annoyingly accompanied by consecutive nights of insomnia.

Luckily, the finish line is in sight!

In exactly seven days, my boyfriend and I will be headed to Capitola

to camp beside the beach.

I can’t wait to fall asleep to waves crashing,

to feel the sand between my toes.

Better yet, to drink a cold beer and watch the sunset.

So far, the forecast is nothing but sunny skies and a perfect 70 degrees.

I. Can’t. Wait.

So when my kiddos are driving me bonkers

or when the wedding to-do’s start to overwhelm me,

I dream of the sounds of the ocean.

The finish line is near!

I can do anything!

My Quest for a Comeback

Waiting for my return to running has been a long one.

I’ve longingly looked at my running shoes for months now,

just dying for an early morning run next to the river.

And I’m still waiting for that run.


the comeback has begun!

I stopped running sometime around August

but I’m happy to report that last week I started running again!

It’s going to be a slow return,

which frankly is not fun and is hard to stick to,

but I’m back!

I plan to start journaling my return

with lessons I’ve learned, new things I’m trying,

along with the short term goals I’m setting for myself.

After all, this blog was started to write about my running adventures.

Lesson 1: Run your own race.

Words of wisdom from my father come in handy every so often.

Last week I returned to my favorite park for my first workout.

A coach from my old running group suggested I start small:

1:1 minute intervals of running and walking for no more than 3 miles.

I started real small – only 20 minutes.

The run felt good!  It made me feel free!

After the first minute, I was thinking, “Man, that was fast!”

And a few more later I was taking it all in

and thrilled that this run felt easy.

I felt like I could run faster, and longer.

There were runners surrounding me and I wanted nothing more

than to join them, or better yet, pass them.

But I didn’t.  I ran my own race.

I have to admit, there were a few times I wanted to ignore

the beeps of my Garmin telling me it was time to walk.

Embarrassed for walking.

But then I remembered those days I sulked on the couch because I couldn’t run

or had to stop a workout after 10 minutes.

I couldn’t bear the thought of starting right back at square one.

So I gave in to those beeps, walked,

and worried about running my own race.

In an effort to tune out my sheepish feelings for walking,

 I started to practice some of the form tips I’ve been reading about:

-Run with your feet right under you.  Don’t overstride and pay attention to cadence.

-Keep good posture.  Raise your arms above your head every so often.

-Keep your eyes up ahead of you.  Looking at the ground ruins your good form.

So far…so good.

May the adventures continue, and may the lessons become habits

for better health and better runs!

Gosh it feels good to be back!