Reasons why Pinterest saves me

Please tell me you’ve heard of Pinterest.

If you haven’t, I give you full permission to abandon

reading this blog and go spend some time there!

Though sometimes technology takes over our lives in a bad way,

I really have to say that Pinterest is a lifesaver sometimes.

Here are reasons I love this website:

1. Thousands of recipes on hand for nights I have no clue what to cook!

I’m sure you’ve seen some of the recipes I’ve posted

and all of them have come from somewhere on Pinterest.

Whether I’m looking for a fab dish to bring to a get-together

or something to quickly whip up for dinner after work,

it’s so nice to actually see a picture of what I’ll be making

rather than hoping the recipe will provide something mouth-watering.

This baked potato soup was healthy AND delicious!

2. Planning my weekly wardrobe just got easier.

Let me first start off by saying, I have no fashion sense.

Well, until I discovered all the fashion pins on Pinterest.

For years, I felt like I continuously had nothing to wear

though my closet was bursting with clothes and shoes.

It’s because I never really learned how to shop

in a way that make sense for putting my wardrobe together.

Kind of girly, but I now follow a few fashion blogs

that have seriously flipped my shopping sense upside down.

Before I buy anything now, I find myself thinking,

Do I have at least 2 other things that will go with this?

If not, it’s a no-go.

3. Fitness tips galore!

You may have noticed that I haven’t been blogging about running lately

because I’m trying to rid myself of a stupid injury called Runners Knee.

But in the meantime, I’ve been able to pin inspirational quotes

and other fitness tips to try while I’m not running.

Yesterday I found a great arm workout with dumbbells,

and after that a killer ab workout.

I don’t know about you, but I workout wayyyy more efficently

when someone else makes up the workout

and I can just follow the directions.

4. Teaching ideas from fellow amazing teachers!

One of my favorite parts about Pinterest is that it’s simply pictures of things.

So when I’m looking for an engaging lesson idea

I can search by a topic idea and then browse pictures of lesson ideas.

Anchor charts, art projects, games, workshop centers, and more!

It’s seriously a lifesaver sometimes,

especially when my creative brain has been fried and I need something new.

I used this poster in my class to teach about how to choose a book that is “Just Right” for each student.

I probably could add a few more reasons, but I’ll stop there for now.

This whole idea came to me today

when I was able to throw in a couple of chicken breasts, salsa, and taco seasoning

into the crockpot for a few hours while I did my Sunday errands.

Dinner tonight! Yum!

This shredded chicken recipe for tacos is so easy

and this is probably one of my favorite go-to meals when I need something quick.

I probably would never have tried this recipe in the first place

had the picture not looked so appealing!

Thank you, Pinterest, for being so darn amazing,

and making my life a little easier.


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