Joy Factor

I often talk about something called the Joy Factor

when it comes to getting students engaged and excited about learning.

Well about a month ago, I definitely added a new layer to this idea.

One of my team teachers and I decided to do something a little out of the ordinary

to bring the Joy Factor to our students.

I’d like to call this episode of Joy Factor “Class Swap”

because we did just that.  We swapped classes.

Olivia is a writer as well as a teacher

and she’s currently in the midst of getting her first novel published.

My class was finishing up writing personal narratives,

and to give them a little bit more enthusiasm,

Olivia came and taught them a lesson on the editing process.

Meanwhile, I visited her class to bring an art lesson

that accompanied her science unit on the water cycle.

It was a fun experience to step into a new class

and I have to say the kids were definitely into the swap idea.

This experiment could have easily been a bust on either end,

but I think both classes enjoyed a surprise lesson with a new teacher.

 Water Conservation Lesson – 5th grade Science

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This lesson was focused on the fact that only 1%

of water on Earth is usable by humans.

After brainstorming ways we as a community could save water,

I introduced the students task at hand –

to create a persuasive poster to encourage others to conserve water.

Each student was provided with a “must haves” checklist –

-provide four ideas to encourage water conservation

-use pictures, symbols, or words to persuade the viewer

-include two vertical lines and one horizontal line to divide the poster

-98% of the poster should be covered with color

-markers should only be used for outlining

I was impressed with the ideas the students came up with

and the ways they decided to articulate them on their posters.

I’m telling you – save the arts in our classrooms!

our students today are definitely motivated by creative projects!

Though the students were not able to finish in the 45 minute swap,

I assured them that their teacher would make time for them later.

I’m pretty proud of their work and can’t wait to hang them up in our front hallway!

To you teachers out there – how do you bring the Joy Factor to your classroom?


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