Sewing Adventures


This break has been a little on the boring side.

Granted, I am mighty thankful for the week off from school

but my school break are usually filled with all kinds of plans.

This one, for some reason, has fallen a little short.

Today I forced myself to make things a little more exciting

by taking a trip to the fabric store and sewing at Abuela’s.

I figured a little sewing inspiration might do the trick

of bringing this break a little sparkle of fun.

                   Kwik Sew Pattern 3513

I seriously have had this style of skirt in mind for weeks now

but I’ve left the fabric store empty handed a few times now.

Whether it be that I couldn’t find a pattern idea

or a knit fabric that I liked,

I wasn’t having too much success with this vision.

Today must have been my lucky day though,

because I found both my dream pattern and a cute fabric to go with.

Another sewing project all by myself goes in the books.

Abuela will be proud.

(She’s been out of town for a month now,

luckily I have the keys to the house just to use the sewing machine!)

Sorry I’m not including directions today,

but here’s a little slideshow of my sewing adventure.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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