Thankfulness Thursdays

It was definitely hard to get up this morning.

Our Thanksgiving Break begins at 3:15pm sharp tomorrow.

And let me tell you, I can’t wait.

But today, on this Thankfulness Thursday,

I am thankful for my job, because it is a job I love,

even when it’s hard to get up in the morning…

I’m thankful that I have amazing coworkers.

They make me laugh and cheer me on when I need it.

They work hard, which makes me work hard too.

They let me vent when I need to,

and lend a helping hand with no questions asked.

I’m thankful for the flexibility of our curriculum,

which doesn’t force me to teach my lessons in a certain way,

from a certain manual, at a certain time of day.

Today during our Reader’s Workshop,

I looked around and there were so many different types of learning happening!

One group was listening to a chapter book on CD,

another playing Apples to Apples with a parent volunteer.

In another corner of the room, ten students were hard at work on narrative stories,

while I had a few students out of the room in intervention reading groups.

All the while, I sat with another group teaching a word work game,

while also facilitating a few students in choosing a writing topic.

I could never structure my Reading Workshop like this in a public school.

Though sometimes it seems like a lot of work to design

differentiated activities for each of my kids on their reading level,

it’s days like this when I see what all that work is for.

The best part was reflecting with my kiddos afterwards,

discussing how important it is to work quietly during this time.

“I have to admit my body felt sleepy because I was so relaxed

and I was enjoying my book so much,” one student shared.

Though I really hope she wouldn’t fall asleep during class,

it tells me that she loves this time of day as much as I do.

I’m thankful that I have a job to go to,

and I’m not longer on unemployment.

Man, that was a rough time in my life.

I would awake to a ringing phone

offering me a substitute teaching job at an unknown school.

Or, I would awake to the sunshine,

rudely reminding me that I was unemployed

and all the pink-slipped teachers had won the priority for jobs that day.

It was the most frustrating time because all I wanted to do

was feel like I was contributing to society.

I honestly almost looked into volunteering somewhere

just so I could feel like I had a purpose.

Let me tell you, I’m glad those days are over.

My dad always told me that choosing where you work is a big decision.

It’s hard to go to a job when you hate it.

It makes life feel like work.

I’m so glad my job doesn’t feel like work.

Well, most days.

It definitely was hard work waking up this morning,

but I am thankful I have something to wake up for.


3 thoughts on “Thankfulness Thursdays

  1. Loving your job is a true blessing! It is sad that so many people go through life spending so much of their time in a job that they dislike. It is encouraging to hear your thankfulness…that even though everyday is not perfect…that you see the bigger picture! Thanks for sharing!

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