Art Project: California Landscapes

My fourth graders just wrapped up

a Social Studies unit on the regions of California

with one of my favorite art projects.

Each student chose their favorite region –

the coast, the desert, the mountains, or the valley.

Then, they sketched a simple drawing

of a landscape illustrating the physical features

that make this region unique.

We then used Elmer’s glue to trace the pencil and let it dry for a day.

The fun part was adding oil pastels to make the sketch come alive.

My kiddos have been practicing blending techniques

using oil pastels in their art class,

so they were pros at allowing the color to bring detail

to the simple sketch they started out with.

I love this project mostly because it doesn’t require

a lot of materials and doesn’t make a huge mess.

And my favorite part is always hanging up their work

and enjoying it the month after.

It’s amazing to me how different each product is,

even when two student’s chose the same region.

Art: It makes my classroom happy!

Here’s another plug for my Donor’s Choose project.

Hope you’ll check it out.

Let’s save the arts in our classrooms!


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