NaBloPoMo – Day 13

Every time I sit in front of this computer screen

and find myself with no words to write,

I always think of my students.

I try to pump them up about writing,

preaching, There’s always things to write about!”

Sounds like I need to take some of my own advice once in awhile.

I’m learning my lesson the hard way,

trying to participate daily in NaBloPoMo.

It’s a much harder task than I imagined.

I completely forgot to write yesterday,

and a few days ago I missed two posts because

my internet connection wasn’t working.

It’s feels almost like the routine of going to the gym,

if you miss a day, you’re all out of sync.

Well, I’m out of sync,

and sitting here feeling like I have nothing to write.

I do have to say though, I am learning a lot

about what it’s like to be a real writer.

Sometimes the words just don’t come,

but you have to push through.

Just like during my long runs, when I just feel like walking,

I have to push through.

Warriors don’t quit.

Funny how my running mantras can apply to lots of other things.

Well, here’s me, not quitting.

Even if today all I am writing about is writer’s block.

Calvin obviously knows what I mean!


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