30 before 30 – Kindness

Number 19 on my 30 before 30 list is

“Spend a month committing random acts of kindness.”

Well, tonight I decided that this December

will be the month I cross this one off the list.

I figured with the holiday season approaching,

this idea would go hand in hand with spreading holiday cheer.

I thought by making a list of the 30 things I’d like to do

during this month of kindness would help me stay more accountable.

Who would have thought that making a list of

30 do-able things would be this hard?

I was only able to come up with 15 ideas so far.

Granted, I am trying to make most of the items cost free

so that I don’t miss my goal because it got too expensive.

I’m glad I started this list early…

that gives me about half a month to add the rest on.

Here’s a peek at the first five on my list,

but the rest are left to be a surprise until December.

1. Leave change in the vending machine at work,

enough for the most expensive item available.

2. Surprise my students with one night of no homework.

3. Be an extra, extra kind driver.

4. Leave a one dollar bill inside of a library book,

and then return it.

5. Send a friend a note in the mail, just because.

Can’t wait to share the rest of this adventure with you.

Stay tuned!

And let me know if you have any great ideas

of ways I can pay it forward during my month of kindness.


4 thoughts on “30 before 30 – Kindness

    • Thanks! I’m finding it is hard to make a list of 30 random acts of kindness I know I can actually follow through with! I even am thinking of getting my students to help me out with this by giving them a “kindness focus” for the week. Wish me luck!

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