DIY Throw Pillows

This happy little Saturday called for some sewing.

Today’s project – Throw Pillows.


2 18×18 pillows


sewing machine

1 1/2  yd of adorable fabric

sewing needle

and a smidge of patience 🙂

Ready, Set, Go!

1.  I started by measuring out a “pattern” for the pillow

by simply plopping the pillow on the fabric.

2.  Then I turned the right sides of the fabric together and pinned the edges.

3.  Next I made a straight stitch down one side of the fabric.

4. I double checked where I wanted the second straight stitch

by measuring with the pillow inside the fabric.

After pinning it how it fit best, I added another straight stitch.

5. I pinned for the next stitch leaving 4-5 inches of space

 for me to stuff the pillow into the case, then made my final machine stitch.

6. Last step!  (Here’s where the patience comes in…)

I hand sewed the last few inches together.

And wha-lah!

Adorably cute throw pillows!


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