Just for Mom

Today was one of those school days I look forward to.

My mom’s birthday is Sunday

and every year I have my class surprise her

by calling her to sing a rendition of “Happy Birthday,”

cha-cha-cha’s and all.

And I love it because every year, without a doubt,

she is just as surprised as the first year of this tradition.

I think one of my favorite parts is

watching the kids sit squirmy and giddy,

smiling ear to ear as they wait silently for me to give them the cue.

Just another way I bring the “Joy Factor” into my classroom

and a way to tell my mom I love her.

Happy birthday, Mom!


One thought on “Just for Mom

  1. I’m beginning to wonder if all of your posts will bring tears to my eyes. And yes indeed I was once again caught by surprise for the kids birthday song. luv, M.

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