Thankfulness Thursday

Many of my students do not have the childhood that I had long ago.

Some do not come home to two parents

nor do they come home to ones that drive them to soccer practice

or nag them to clean their room.

They might come home to McDonalds for dinner

or a screaming match between mom and her boyfriend.

Some don’t have a bedtime,

and some don’t have their own room.

As a teacher, I try to bring any kind of version of “normalcy”

and try to stick to any kind of promises I make.

I try to give them stability.

I am thankful today for my dad.

My amazing, generous, thoughtful father.

Who today, gave an hour of his time

just to read and bond with a few of my students

over a book about one of his all-time favorite baseball players.

Roberto Clemente.

He started a “Boys Book Club” that he’ll be hosting for a month

with four boys in my class.

I felt so proud listening to him tell them about

this legendary player, someone these boys had never heard of.

When Dad and I spoke prior to plan the book club meeting,

I was wagering it’d take about 15-20 minutes.

I was wrong.

Today my dad sat and read with these four boys for 40 minutes.

When they finished, I took the time to go and ask each one,

“How’d it go?”

My heart melted watching their faces turn to smiles

as they told me all the new things they learned

and what a great time they had.

I felt so proud.

That’s my dad!

How lucky I am to have a dad who’d want to come in

and spend time with my students.

Who’d want to come in and actually try to make an impact

teaching and sharing lessons of the world.

Thats my dad!

Today I’m thankful for Dad!


4 thoughts on “Thankfulness Thursday

    • Thanks! He really is! Teaching was something he always wanted to do, but never got around to. It really was a special moment today watching the boys faces as they read today with him.

  1. Thanks so much for linking up this week! What a wonderful story! It is so scary to think about the circumstances kids have to grow up in sometimes and what a blessing to have the consistency of you as their teacher as well as your dad! You must be one proud daughter to have a dad that wants to be that involved in his daughter’s life!

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