30 before 30…Beach Camping!

#10. Go beach camping.

There really isn’t anything better

than falling asleep to the crashing of waves.

I tried to take it all in,

the crisp air, the clear stars, and the soothing sound of the ocean.

Growing up, I didn’t spend a ton of time camping

so I can’t say I know all of the tricks of the trade

or even how to plan the ‘perfect camping trip.’

However, this was seriously everything I wanted

this idea of “beach camping” to be.

Though the weather wasn’t our ideal of perfection

(it sprinkled on and off throughout our stay)

it called for a little more creativity and resulted in a little more fun.

We spent most of our time either walking by the shore

or glued to the radio listening to the baseball madness

of the San Francisco Giants and Oakland A’s Game 4s

as well as the Sacramento Kings first preseason game.

We played cards, cooked delicious food, and enjoyed tons of laughs.

It says a lot to me when you can spend your time with just one person

and never feel like you need some “alone time.”

This was our fifth camping trip,

but our first one with just us.

And I’d have to say it was one of my favorites.

Brighton State Beach,

thanks for making my first beach camping experience

a good one to remember

and one I hope I get to relive and revisit sometime again.

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