cursive is not dead

Do you remember learning cursive writing as a child?

My third grade teacher would always turn on classical music

as she taught us proper form as we learned each stroke of each letter.

I remember feeling very grown up,

like I was finally in on how adults wrote in this fancy, sophisticated writing.

Yet, as the years went by, my printing always survived

and my cursive was saved for signing my name on checks

or writing thank you notes for gifts.

It’s sad to say that cursive is a dying art.

Do you know many people who only write in cursive?

I don’t.

But lately I’ve been wondering if I should push myself to use it more.

Which leads me to say that cursive isn’t quite dead yet.

I’m teaching it in my classroom

hoping to give my students that same experience I had

and praying that they’ll love it and continue to use it through their adult lives.

One of my students wrote me a letter using cursive. Perhaps cursive will live on again!

Another student with beautiful cursive. Who knew boys could write so beautifully?

The truth of the matter is

perhaps cursive is a dying art because there is no time

in the teaching day for cursive writing.

We are slammed with math and reading

and science here and there

that for a lot of teachers, cursive gets lost in the shuffle.

What would the world be like without cursive, I wonder?

Would it be normal for people to never learn

to craft their very own signature?


There is a student in particular that inspired this post.

She surprised me with the sweetest card on my birthday.

Which was written in her best cursive.

And it made me smile.

Because maybe, just maybe,

cursive is not dead.


3 thoughts on “cursive is not dead

  1. Hopefully you will be pleased with the cursive your students know already! Some of my old students that you have now have better cursive than I do! 🙂 They love you, and they are right, BEST TEACHER EVER!

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