Thankfulness Thursday – The Now

Thanks to The Domestic Fashionista

I am back again for Thankfulness Thursdays.

Today I am thankful for the now.

I pray.  I pray a lot.

And lately, I’ve been catching myself praying

in gracious thanksgiving for all the amazing things

going on in my life right now.

I feel like a lot of my teenage years (and some college years)

I was always longing for something,

waiting for life to get a little bit more exciting, a little better.

But now, I can honestly say, that life feels pretty good these days.

My job.  My relationship.  My family.  My friends.

Everything finally feels like it has a purpose and a place.

It honestly feels so good.

And I don’t think I’ve felt this happy before, this content.

So today, I am thankful for this very moment,

where everything feels perfect.

I think I’ve finally found the best days of my life.

(Not to sound cheesy or anything.)

Though mantras are usually what get me through those long, tough runs,

I find myself with a new mantra, but this time for life in general:

Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day.

 So find what you can be thankful for in this day.


Thankfulness Thursday

Many of my students do not have the childhood that I had long ago.

Some do not come home to two parents

nor do they come home to ones that drive them to soccer practice

or nag them to clean their room.

They might come home to McDonalds for dinner

or a screaming match between mom and her boyfriend.

Some don’t have a bedtime,

and some don’t have their own room.

As a teacher, I try to bring any kind of version of “normalcy”

and try to stick to any kind of promises I make.

I try to give them stability.

I am thankful today for my dad.

My amazing, generous, thoughtful father.

Who today, gave an hour of his time

just to read and bond with a few of my students

over a book about one of his all-time favorite baseball players.

Roberto Clemente.

He started a “Boys Book Club” that he’ll be hosting for a month

with four boys in my class.

I felt so proud listening to him tell them about

this legendary player, someone these boys had never heard of.

When Dad and I spoke prior to plan the book club meeting,

I was wagering it’d take about 15-20 minutes.

I was wrong.

Today my dad sat and read with these four boys for 40 minutes.

When they finished, I took the time to go and ask each one,

“How’d it go?”

My heart melted watching their faces turn to smiles

as they told me all the new things they learned

and what a great time they had.

I felt so proud.

That’s my dad!

How lucky I am to have a dad who’d want to come in

and spend time with my students.

Who’d want to come in and actually try to make an impact

teaching and sharing lessons of the world.

Thats my dad!

Today I’m thankful for Dad!

Cheering for Papa

I’m the sentimental kind.

Today I cheered and screamed at the television

to watch the San Francisco Giants win Game 2 of the NLCS.

I was all alone in my little apartment.

The windows were open, but I shouted when I needed to anyway.

As I pumped my fist for Angel Pagan’s home run,

I started to think of my grandpa, otherwise known as “Papa.”

Baseball was his favorite sport

and many of my memories of him include him rooting for the Miami Marlins.

I can recall many times coming home from a day of shopping with Abuela

to find Papa on the couch glued to the game.

When he was still alive, I was hardly a baseball watcher.

I’d greet him with a kiss and then help Abuela with the cooking

and leave him to his game watching.

But these days, thanks to my boyfriend, I call myself a Giants fan.

I’m still learning the ways of the game, and memorizing players,

but I can actually now report that I do like baseball.

Catching myself cheering louder than I should,

I wished more than anything

that Papa could see me rooting for a team

and loving the game as he once did.

I hope it would have made him proud.

I’m the sentimental kind.

Go Giants!

30 before 30…Beach Camping!

#10. Go beach camping.

There really isn’t anything better

than falling asleep to the crashing of waves.

I tried to take it all in,

the crisp air, the clear stars, and the soothing sound of the ocean.

Growing up, I didn’t spend a ton of time camping

so I can’t say I know all of the tricks of the trade

or even how to plan the ‘perfect camping trip.’

However, this was seriously everything I wanted

this idea of “beach camping” to be.

Though the weather wasn’t our ideal of perfection

(it sprinkled on and off throughout our stay)

it called for a little more creativity and resulted in a little more fun.

We spent most of our time either walking by the shore

or glued to the radio listening to the baseball madness

of the San Francisco Giants and Oakland A’s Game 4s

as well as the Sacramento Kings first preseason game.

We played cards, cooked delicious food, and enjoyed tons of laughs.

It says a lot to me when you can spend your time with just one person

and never feel like you need some “alone time.”

This was our fifth camping trip,

but our first one with just us.

And I’d have to say it was one of my favorites.

Brighton State Beach,

thanks for making my first beach camping experience

a good one to remember

and one I hope I get to relive and revisit sometime again.

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music fills the soul

I recently posted how I tend to run and hide when negativity surrounds me.

The quickest cure I can find when this happens

is to blare some music that will turn my mood up.

The kind of music that makes you want to drive your car a little faster,

or have a little by-yourself dance party.

Kinda like Christina and Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy.

Yesterday I was driving listening to a different radio station

than I usually choose.

But I was in the mood for some change, some inspiration.

I landed upon this little gem:

Safe and Sound by  Capital Cities

Ahhhhhh, this song made my soul feel great!

And the lyrics are perfect for what I needed at that moment.

You can find their song on iTunes or on their website,

but be prepared for a little spring in your step.

cursive is not dead

Do you remember learning cursive writing as a child?

My third grade teacher would always turn on classical music

as she taught us proper form as we learned each stroke of each letter.

I remember feeling very grown up,

like I was finally in on how adults wrote in this fancy, sophisticated writing.

Yet, as the years went by, my printing always survived

and my cursive was saved for signing my name on checks

or writing thank you notes for gifts.

It’s sad to say that cursive is a dying art.

Do you know many people who only write in cursive?

I don’t.

But lately I’ve been wondering if I should push myself to use it more.

Which leads me to say that cursive isn’t quite dead yet.

I’m teaching it in my classroom

hoping to give my students that same experience I had

and praying that they’ll love it and continue to use it through their adult lives.

One of my students wrote me a letter using cursive. Perhaps cursive will live on again!

Another student with beautiful cursive. Who knew boys could write so beautifully?

The truth of the matter is

perhaps cursive is a dying art because there is no time

in the teaching day for cursive writing.

We are slammed with math and reading

and science here and there

that for a lot of teachers, cursive gets lost in the shuffle.

What would the world be like without cursive, I wonder?

Would it be normal for people to never learn

to craft their very own signature?


There is a student in particular that inspired this post.

She surprised me with the sweetest card on my birthday.

Which was written in her best cursive.

And it made me smile.

Because maybe, just maybe,

cursive is not dead.


Birthdays make me feel free.

They’re a fresh start.

Whenever my birthday comes along,

I always get excited to start anew and make big things happen.

My motivation may not last all year long,

but it’s a great feeling.

I hope I never feel “too old” to celebrate my birthday.

I love spending time with my favorite people,

doing my favorite things, and feeling optimistic about the newest year to come.

Cookies and birthday hats covered our teacher’s lounge table courtesy of my parents. Pretty sweet in my book! (No pun intended!)

28 greeted me with surprises,

including my parents coming to my classroom unannounced

and decorating the teachers lounge too.

Later, my coworkers brought me coffee and a Fleet Feet gift card,

which means I get to treat myself to some new running stuff!

And then my sweet, sweet Abuela cooked my favorite Cuban dish

as I celebrated my birthday with my family that night.

A pretty good day!

And to top it all off, last night I celebrated my birthday with my friends.

They joined me for some Ah-mazing italian food

at one of my favorite midtown establishments.

(Mmmmmm. I’m pretty much still dreaming about the pasta I got.)

Then we headed over to a nearby club to watch Tainted Love,

an 80’s cover band who is pretty darn awesome!

There’s nothing I love more, than singing at the top of my lungs

and dancing my heart out

to Journey, Blondie, Madonna, and more!

Pretty much, the night was a blast.

Like I said, I just like to spend my birthday doing my favorite things

with my favorite people.

And according to all the fun I’ve had in the past week,

this birthday goes in the books as awesome.

My favorite place to eat in Midtown Sacramento!

Tainted Love – Amazing!

Enjoying the show!