I do this work for the kids

At my school, we try to pump our kiddos up big time for state testing.

This past spring, we told our kids that if they gave their very best effort

on the CST (California Standards Test) that we’d have a little celebration.

For every increment of 5 points beyond last years school score,

the teachers would wear school uniforms,

while the students wore “free dress.”

Boy, oh boy!  Apparently bribery works.  A little too much.

Here’s me in my ‘school uniform,’ shirt tucked in and all!

Not only did our kids surpass our schoolwide score from last year – 802,

but they grew 25 points! – with a score of 827!

Holy cow!!! So, that calculates to one school week worth of wearing uniforms!

Can’t say I love it.  Can’t say I hate it.

This is what we call the Joy Factor, people.

Getting our kiddos to love school for any reason at all.

It keeps them pumped and keeps them working hard.

Excuse me while I go throw in a load of laundry.

I’ll be wearing that polo all week.


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