i love books!

Reading aloud to my students after lunch

is one of my favorite traditions.

Not only does it quiet them down after lunch,

but it feels like bonding.

I try my hardest to choose books from a variety of genres,

and I love to pick ones that are award winners or from book lists.

But most importantly, I try to choose books I’ve never read.

(Except for Maniac McGee.

The chapter book read aloud that forever will be one of my favorites

thanks to my 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Smith!)

Why would I choose books I’ve never read?

So that I can connect with my students as we share

the adventure of these books together.

Because, in my opinion, there’s nothing better

than bursting into genuine laughter with your kiddos

or feeling that same sense of “awwwwww”

when I tell them it’s time to stop for the day.

Today we finished Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.

Ahhhhh.  Great book.  Funny book!

And I loved it when I read the last line,

they all applauded and cheered.

Then one quickly asked, “Can we read Fudge-A-Mania next?”

Another, “Can I borrow that book now that we’re done?”

Well, perhaps we’ll have to make time to come back

to Fudge and Peter later on this school year.

But wish us luck as we move on to a new genre: fantasy.

As we read The Mysterious Journey of Edward Tulane.

(A bunch of my students read this book last year and swore by it!)

Reading.  It brings people together.

What are your favorite chapter book read alouds?


2 thoughts on “i love books!

    • It’s a pretty short book, only 10 chapters. It was so fun to hear them giggle and gasp with surprise throughout. I definitely recommend it as the first read aloud of the year. 🙂 Ahhh Maniac McGee! That should stir up some great conversation in your room. You have some deep thinkers.

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