i guess i loved them after all

I’m a 4th grade teacher once again.

I won’t lie, it feels a little strange.

I’m used to kids who know my routines and expectations.

After all, I had my last group for two years.

Starting over is weird.  It feels unfamiliar.

But at the same time, it feels so refreshing.

My last bunch was a little tricky to handle at most points.

They were chatty, and needed a very firm hand.

It was like I was their only mother.

Irresponsible, dishonest, and even rude at times,

But they were lovable.

All they needed was someone to say, “No,” and mean it.

And a person who would make a promise, and actually keep it.

I’m pretty sure that group will always tug at my heart

a little more than any other class I’ll ever have.

My first day of school highlight was getting visits from three of my old students (during class!)…just to say hello.


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