The mind is a powerful thing

My run this morning felt like a roller coaster of the mind.

I would call myself a runner.

But lately, I haven’t felt like one.

I’ve been in a tug-a-war battle with a nagging knee injury.

It’s not painful to the body, but it nags at me.

It’s something that is starting to bring me down, because I don’t feel my best.

So, in hopes to bring my spirits up a little

I bought new shoes.

And these aren’t just any shoes.

They are bright and spunky.

(But don’t worry, I didn’t buy them just because of their appearance.)

Who wouldn’t want to go for a run after seeing these shoes staring at you?

So, these are the shoes that got me out the door

and picked up my confidence about running this morning.

But as I ran, there was that nagging feeling from my knee.

Tight.  Annoying.  Confusing.

I basically am in this weird place where I can’t figure out

if running more is going to make it worse

or if I need to just shut up and run.

I can honestly say that it is improving,

but certainly not at the pace I’d like it to.

Which brings me to this constant battle of decisions.

Is it getting better because I’m returning to training and being smart?

Or is it not disappearing fully because I keep running?

But then I see my running stuff in the corner,

and I just can’t stay away.

I never really thought mantras worked,

but since being injured, I know that

the mind is a powerful thing.

It’s what gets me through the roughest of rough runs.

I wouldn’t say today was terrible,

but I definitely was starting to feel a little defeated

when I looked down at my watch and saw that I was

almost a minute slower than what I’m used to.

Warriors don’t quit.

Somehow this one popped into my head.

Yeah. Warriors don’t quit.

When things get in the way, a warrior perseveres.

A nagging injury in my way?

Move aside!

Lots of white spots instead of highlighted ones

on my training calendar?

That won’t stop me.

And then, Be strong.

I am strong.  I will overcome.

I seriously have CIM on the brain and the thought of backing out

literally almost brings me to tears.

But there’s no need for tears here.  Because I’m strong.

I’m going to figure this out.  It will heal and I’ll be badass once again.

Or so I tell myself.

And then lastly, Believe.

It was a new one.  A mantra that just arrived.

But it was perfect.

I see myself as a person who sees the glass half full more than often.

But lately, not so much when it comes to running.

This one word fits so perfectly though.

If I have the belief that I will do well, then I will.

It’s a matter of mindset.

And again, this is why the mind is a powerful thing.

If you’re a runner, or even if you’re not,

I think mantras are important.

They’re what get us through those trying days.

Days when it feels like everything sucks and nothing can right it.

Warriors don’t quit. Be strong. Believe.

Those words give me hope.  They help me remember.

What does your mind tell you?


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