Summer Farewell

What are these happy little bags for, you ask?

Well, tomorrow is the day we leave for our last vacation of the summer.


These bags hold the contents of a road trip tradition.

I simply flipped two grocery bags inside out,

gave them a little Disney lovin’

and wha-lah!

This marks our 4th time going to Disneyland since we’ve started dating.

And every time we go, we always bring little surprises to open each hour on the road.

Well, this trip is going to be extra special because

we’re celebrating my boyfriend’s 30th birthday.

Stay tuned to see what’s inside!

I title this ‘Summer Farewell’

because this feels like it’s the end.

When we get back, there will only be a weekend and a day

left of my “Best Summer Ever” summer vacation.

I feel like it’s been a good one, and certainly lived up to the name

though I always have wishes of things I still want to do.

I will say that I feel that I’ve stuck to my bucket list

and been able to squeeze in some extra fun and adventures.

And so begins

my weeklong goodbye

to the best summer ever!


2 thoughts on “Summer Farewell

  1. Cute idea! When we travel we always give the kids a gift when we cross state lines. Have fun on your last big trip of the summer.

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