my summer mottos

Having all this extra time to do anything and everything I want

feels like a life of perfection.

In a earlier post this summer, I wrote about being thankful.

I feel like this summer has had two common themes for me:

being thankful and being brave.

My summer mottos, if you will.

Yesterday I tried paddle boarding for the first time.

I knew I would love it, but I didn’t really have any idea how much.

We put our boards in at Negro Bar, which is a part of the American River.

As we traveled upstream, I found myself just taking it all in

remembering how much I loved the river, and how much I’ve missed it.

I grew up on this river.  Bike riding.  Rafting.  Skipping Rocks.

Some of my favorite memories with my family are on this river.

Especially with my dad.

And it’s been so long since I’ve actually spent a lot of time here.

I felt so lucky that these were my memories.  And I wanted them to be my reality again.

I had made a promise to myself that I would on my Summer Bucket List

but it’s crazy to me that it’s taken this long to actually do it.

After about a mile of paddling, we took a break on some rocks

just beyond the Rainbow Bridge.

I was already sweating from the heat, and the warm breeze wasn’t helping.

My friend challenged me to jump in, though she herself wasn’t looking so brave.

The water looked so appetizing, but I could already tell I’d be on my own on this one.

I teetered back and forth deciding, but finally

I just had one of those “what the hell moments.”

So I did it.  I was brave.

Ahhhhh, and it was so refreshing!  I was proud of my courage

to stand alone and just do something because I honestly wanted to

and didn’t have a single care of what anyone else thought of me.

It was awesome.

Be Brave and Be Thankful.

This really is the best summer ever!!!


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