So as part of my Summer Bucket List,

I made a goal to read one novel a week.

So far, so good!

This week I read Ultra Marathon Man.

I gotta say first that I have no intentions of ever running 100 miles.

And this book didn’t really fill me with inspiration to do so.

In fact, a marathon is good enough for me.

However, I’m really glad I read this book.

This guy is nuts!

He is adventure crazy, and seeks out the most challenging races he can find.

First he shares his experiences of running in the Western States 100,

leaving out no details of the pain, blisters, and deliriousness he endured.

Then he shares his story of attempting to complete another race in Death Valley,

where he collapsed and woke up to find himself in a hospital.

And what was his reaction?  “Why didn’t they let me finish?”

Not a normal response!

Later, he completes the first ever marathon in Antartica,

which was delayed by two weeks due to terrible weather conditions.

And finally, he chooses to run the Relay, from Calistoga to Santa Cruz.

No big deal.  Only that it’s an 199 mile race meant to be completed by teams of 12.

Yeah, he ran that whole race himself.

This man is nuts!

Why am I glad I read this book?  Well let me tell you.

If this man can run “crazy races,” as I like to call them, and survive,

then I can run 26.2 miles and be just fine.

Reading this book reminded me of the goal I’ve set for myself

as I undergo this training for my first marathon ever.

Be strong.

I wouldn’t call myself a super tough person.

I cry when I get sick.  I cry when I get hurt.  I’m a big baby!!

Not because I don’t feel good.  Because it prohibits me from doing things I love most.

Mostly running.

So, I’ve decided these next few months are going to be about

building strength – physically and mentally.

Ultra Marathon Man gave me a clear head, and a vision.

It’s going to hurt.  It’s going to be rough.

But honestly, the endgame is going to be so worth it

if I just shed my “babyness” and be tough.


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