Blogger Awards

I’ve been nominated for a few blogger awards!

Thanks to Olivia, I’ve been honored with my first ever blog award.

She’s been my cheerleader when it comes to blogging,

but I find her more of an inspiration.

Now, I guess there are some rules for this award.

Hmmm….7 random things about myself?

Here goes nothing:

1. I was named after “Gina” from Dennis the Menace.

 Ha!  My family didn’t know what they were

getting into when they made this choice.  I was a menace of a child indeed.

 I’ve heard stories of me getting lost in Chuck-E-Cheese,

tossing my Easter hat like a frisbee across the congregation at church,

screaming all night for the babysitter

only to stop instantly when my parents arrived home, and more!

Makes me think verrrry carefully when I end up choosing my own children’s names.

2. I’ve never had a pet.  No, really. Never.

 Unless you count those goldfish you try to win at the State Fair or school carnivals.

In which case, those always died because we never made

it to the store to buy them proper food or a real fish bowl.  Poor fish!

3. I’m a sucker for chips, salsa and a good bowl of guacamole.

The salsa’s gotta be hot enough tomake me feel like I’m a dragon breathing fire,

and the guac’s got to have a little kick to it too.

Mmmmmm.  Maybe that’s really the true reason I love Mexican food so much.

The chips, salsa, and guac.

4. I can’t peel an orange to save my life.  I’ve tried.  And I’ve failed, many, many times.

But I love oranges!  So my solution is simple: Cut the orange into rings.

Not only does it allow me to eat the orange without peeling it,

but I get to return to the nostalgic days of being a kid

and eating oranges after my soccer games.

5. I am the 5th grandchild out of 21 grandchildren and 4 and 1/2 great grand children.

My dad’s the 2nd of 9 children.

When my family gets together there are about 50 of us in all.

small gathering usually consists of around 20-30 people.

Oh, and my family actually gets along.  We play soccer together.  We have talent shows.

And every year we get together for a family reunion during the summer.

6. A short list of things I can’t stand: beets, thousand island dressing, silly string,

bubble gum, white wine, most science fiction/fantasy, and LeBron James.

7. A short list of things I love: red vines, basketball, the ocean, Starbucks,

Disney, chocolate chip ice cream, and the Sacramento Kings.

I’m also awarding the blogs below with 1 other award:

for nominating me for this award as well!
Once you receive the award, you have to pass it on to others!  Here are the three rules to follow: 

1) Link back to the person who gave you the award.
2) Follow the person who gave you the award.
3) Pass the award on to 15 new bloggers!

And now, the best part!  The great blogs I am nominating for this award!

1. – She is not only a good friend and one of my teaching partners,

but she’s an amazing writer who is currently working towards publishing her first book.

2. – I love reading this blog! She inspires me

to keep up with the times, and read books my kids are reading.

I share her reading philosophy in the classroom

and love hearing any new ideas she’s using in her classroom.

3. – This teacher has got style,

creativity, and is crafty!  She always posts the coolest DIY projects I always want to try!

Not to mention she posts her adorable teacher ensembles!

4. – A very honest and blunt outlook.

She’s always got great stories to share and I always enjoy reading her newest adventures.

5. – She’s got a great sense of style and

posts more cute “teacher clothes” that I wish I could put together on my own!

6. –

3 girls post about their thoughts on various sports.

7. – I get so many ideas for my classroom

from this blog!  Another favorite is when she posts “5 Finds on Pinterest!” Love it!

Okay, I admit I’m breaking the rules a little bit.  I don’t have 15 blogs to post,

but the ones above are pretty good ones!

Check them out and enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Blogger Awards

  1. Love this! Reading your seven things was a blast 🙂 I feel like that road trip of ours let me in on a lot of your secrets. Definitely going to be careful what I name my kids, but you turned out awesome, so I guess all that wildness was worth it. Thanks for the nomination!

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