Road Trip Diaries…Part 2

Olympia, Washington

was quaint, artsy, trendy, and fun.

I felt like everywhere we walked

there was another amazing mural to glance at.

There were many, many more! This just happened to be one of my favorites.

It seemed like a pretty small city,

but let me tell you they had a ton of great places to eat and shops to look at.

We encountered a lot of great, genuinely friendly people on this trip,

but I’d have to say my favorite was our waitress at this cafe.

I wish I would have taken a picture of my sandwich to make your mouth water, but I scarfed that thing down before I remembered to do so. It was that good!

Greeted us with the confusing question of,

“Are you blueberry friendly?”

Which, at the time, we had no idea what it meant but said yes anyway.

We speculated what she could possibly mean by that question.

But when she arrived with our waters topped with blueberries and lemon

we were delighted and thankful we had said yes!

Then, after great conversation, delicious food, and lots of laughing,

she graciously presented us with fresh chocolate chip cookies.

“You guys cleaned your plates.  I figured you deserved it.”

So nice!

And then of course, the whole purpose for the trip was in Olympia.

The Roller Derby Bout.

A crazy, athletic, confusing game.

My favorite is that the atmosphere is very family friendly.  That was shocking to me.

There are organized cheers.  There are MCs.  Kids walk around to sell raffle tickets.

When I think of derby, I think of tough girls on skates, tattoos, aggression.

Well there was plenty of that.  But if you looked just at the crowd,

you might be a little surprised.

I tried to educate myself on the rules before the game began,

but even after watching a full hour of derby, I still don’t feel like I’ve got it down.

Either way, it was pretty fun to watch and enjoy with my teacher friends by my side.

Olympia, I am a fan of you!


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