Road Trip Diaries…Part 1

So the idea for this quest began in a teachers lounge.

My teaching partner is a roller derby player.

Pretty badass, don’t you think?

She wanted us to travel with her to Olympia, Washington

and watch her roller derby bout.

Another teacher chimed in and suggested we stop in Portland, Oregon on the way home,

followed by a drive down the Oregon coast as we headed back to Sacramento.

Four teachers in a Prius.

I will admit, I sat at the table disinterested.

But soon, my arm was twisted and I was convinced into going.

“Do one thing each day that scares you,” Eleanor Roosevelt.

Okay, Eleanor, did you have something to do with this?

Because I will actually say I had fun.

My very first time viewing Mount Shasta! Amazing!

We left on a Friday afternoon,

hoping to drive til midnight or Eugene, Oregon,

whichever came first.

And of course we didn’t know which would happen first,

so we hadn’t made a hotel reservation.

(The first part of this trip that made me nervous!  But I went with the flow.)

Well, by 11pm we’d made it to Eugene.

After my friend had called the 20th hotel

and gotten another “No Vacancy tonight” response

I started to silently freak.

But, turns out, we had chosen the very city of the Olympic Trials

for track and field.

Ohhhhhhhhhh! Of course!

So we drove just a few miles longer and found a place to stay.

Guess flying by the seat of your pants can lead to some pretty fun adventures.


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