A distant love affair

Apparently I forgot how much I love the ocean.

I had the awesome pleasure of escaping with my mother

to Santa Cruz for the past three days.

We stayed in a cute little house

two blocks from the ocean.

About a 25 minute walk to the Boardwalk in one direction

or a 7 minute walk down the sand,

it was basically paradise.

Though my knee threw a tempter tantrum afterwards,

I relished in a 4 mile run right next to the ocean.

I ran, jealous of the locals,

who can spend time with Mother Ocean any time they please.

I envied the runners who get to spend their training runs

listening to the waves crash against the rocks.

I wished I was one of the little children jumping over the waves

or building giant sandcastles.

With my iPod turned way down low to allow me to hear the waves,

I felt very calm. Very Zen-like.

The ocean consumes me.

I only had three short days to visit her,

but I soaked in all I could.

Mom and I spent days walking by the water and exploring the city.

Day 1 was spent walking about 7 miles

around Downtown Santa Cruz, the mission, and the ocean.

Day 2 we visited the city of Capitola and spent time at the Boardwalk.

And today we spent time by the water.

As we took a long walk this morning to say goodbye,

my ears perked up to the distant sea lions

playing and sunbathing on a rock.

I stood in awe, and jealous once more,

watching a handful of surfers waiting to catch that perfect wave.

The smell of seaweed and fresh ocean air surrounded me.

I smiled, watching four dogs, all different types yet newfound friends,

 playing and roughhousing in the foamy waters.

I had forgotten how much I love the ocean.

And I didn’t want to leave.

I hate leaving this love affair I have with the ocean.

This long distance relationship is awful.

They say ‘distance makes the heart grow fonder,’

and I guess that is very true in this case.

I love every minute spent by the water.

And I will continue to daydream about this distant love affair.

Until we meet again.


One thought on “A distant love affair

  1. If I could run every day in the Bay Area/on the ocean I would. Something about the clean, cool air makes it a hundred times better than Sacramento!

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