ode to my father

To celebrate my father’s latest birthday,
I thought I’d have a little fun.
Enjoy my little toast and celebration 
to my dear old,


This Daddy’s girl
writes an ode to her father.
To the man who tied my soccer cleats
tight, tight, tighter.
And never let the bed bugs bite her.

My Daddy-O,
my number one fan.
He’s the one I look up to
in all the lan’.

The guy who cheers louder than anyone I know,
and if you quiz him on sports trivia he’ll put on a show.
Quick with his wit to throw out a one-liner;
laughing with my dad, there is nothing finer!

Advice from my father I’ll use as my light
With a positive attitude, the future is always bright.
His advice is smart, his perspective wise.
This gems of wisdom are no surprise.

Sometimes I don’t like to admit he’s usually right,
But he’s the one I cheer to on this night.

I love you Daddy!  Happy birthday!