Running is a mental game.
And sometimes teaching is too.

While running miles and miles
it’s easy to become bored,
frustrated even.
But when those moments arise,
it’s important to give your mind a reason to wander
just so you forget all about the 
temptation to give up.

Only 18 teaching days until summer vacation!
And so, with that, I have decided
upon 18 things that I hope to do this summer
to give my mind a little motivation
to daydream about
“My Best Summer Ever.”

My Best Summer Ever will include…
1. Road trips – South Lake Tahoe for my family reunion, Santa Cruz with my mom, and more!
2. Watching So You Think You Can Dance! I vow to not miss an episode this year!
3. Spend as much time by the river as possible! 
4. Early Morning Runs to beat the heat
5. Camping – hopefully beach camping so I can cross something off my 30 things before I’m 30 list
6. Bike Rides galore! – I hope that this is the summer my brother and I actually follow through on our plan to bike ride from Sunrise to Negro Bar.
7. Making salsa and trying out other fun recipes with the tomatoes I am growing.
8.  Spending lots of time by the pool while getting a great tan.
9.  Paddle Boarding for the 1st time! 
10. Sewing projects with Abuela 
11. Finally learning a weights routine at the gym
12. Eating a crap-TON of my favorite summer fruits – cantaloupe, strawberries, pineapple, blueberries, raspberries, etc!
13. Baking/cooking as many of the recipes I’ve pinned on Pinterest as I can.
14. Watching Baseball – Rivercats, Giants, A’s, who cares!
15. Saving money to plan an AMAZING Disney trip for my Fall Break/Birthday
16.  Antiquing/Thrifting a little more often 
17. Reading at least 1 book for every week of summer vacation- 7 total!
18. Donating – Time & things I don’t use anymore.

You ever hear people talk about a
“runners high?”
Well, this is all where it stems from.
Mental games.
Because when you allow yourself
to daydream or make lists in your head
you forget what mile you’re on
and you just keep on going.

Before you know it,
you’re done!
And the best part has arrived!
The finish line!

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