30 things before I’m 30: #2

A friend of mine from my running group
invited me to sign up for this race a few months ago.
I wouldn’t consider myself a Diva
but she was new to Sacramento
and I’d never done a race outside of my city.
Sounded like a pretty good idea.
Not to mention her informing me that the finish line would
greet me with pink champagne,
pink roses, a pink boa, and a medal given to me
by a shirt-less firefighter.

I guess you wouldn’t call this race a 
destination race but for me it was
only because it was my first race outside of Sacramento.
So technically, I can cross something off my
30 things before I’m 30 list.

Here’s a list of true destination races I have on my list so far:
-Disneyland Half Marathon
-Wharf to Wharf from Santa Cruz to Capitola
-Rock and Roll San Diego
-Big Sur Half Marathon
-Bloomsday 12k in Spokane, WA
 and I’m sure they’ll be many, many more!


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