They always say “Keep your eyes on the prize.”
Here are a few things inspiring me these days…
Kara Goucher – A freakin’ rockstar of a runner 
and one hell of a role model. 
I only hope that one day
I can be half the runner she is!
(not to mention her amazing abs!)
She’s amazing!
I can’t believe that I’ve become
utterly sucked in
to this series.  
It’s totally not my thing:
wilderness, blood, guts, loneliness.
But it’s got a tough girl power heroine
who I simply adore.
And that’s why I can’t put the book down.
The love of my life.
 Enough said.
I know they suck.
And I know it’s not 2002.
But I love them anyway,
and I get verrrrry grumpy
when I miss watching a game or hearing it on the radio.
Go Kings!

The best job in the whole world.
They say, if you find a job you love,
you’ll never work a day in your life.
Well, I guess I’m not really working then, am I?
Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely days
I come home exhausted.
But I love my job!
I love my kids; I love my coworkers;
I love my boss; I love my 4/5 team.
I love my job!

And last, but not least,
my dear ol’ Dad.
Better known to me as “Daddy-O.”
The best guy in the whole wide world.
The biggest Steeler fan you’ll ever meet!
I can hear him halfway across the soccer field cheering,
and outside the house on a football Sunday.
A pro at a crossword puzzle,
an encyclopedia of useless (but useful!) sports trivia,
a heart of gold and an positive outlook for every situation.
He’s the greatest! 

Always remember:
“Keep your eyes on the prize.”


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